You’re a Full Fledged Parent When…

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young-mother-and-her-children1When you need to find a pen in your purse all you can find is a crayon, a broken pencil and a dried up magic eraser 

When you hear a baby cry in the grocery store, and you start to gently sway back and forth, back and forth, even if your children are at school.

The song you find yourself humming is not one of the top ten but Skinamarinky Dinky Dink Do, I Love You.

 The scene in Dumbo when his mum is taken away makes tears come to your eyes and break down during the Bambi movie.

Your car is filled with face wipes, spar sets of clothes, toys, snacks, books and portable car games

You are out for a romantic meal with your husband, enjoying some adult conversation, when suddenly you realize that you’ve reached over and started to cut up his steak

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2 thoughts on “You’re a Full Fledged Parent When…

  1. When you return to work and while a co-worker is filling you in on their latest project, you interrupt and say,
    “Hold that thought – mommy has to run to the potty for a moment, I’ll be right back….”


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