5 Stages of Winter

Well there might be stages of grief that people inevitably experience but there are definitely stages of winter everyone must go through as well. Another snow storm hit Ontario, Canada Sunday night,  continuing squalls caused road chaos and school closures. It took my daughter, a teacher, 3 hours to get to the school,  instead of 30-40 minutes.  Her emotions travelled the gamut from frustrated, angry, upset, and since she is pregnant, she ended up in tears, desperate to use the washroom when she finally arrived. What stage of winter are you at?

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19 thoughts on “5 Stages of Winter

  1. Here is Alaska we have two seasons, winter for 9 months and a short summer with much construction! This winter is different and instead of the extreme cold we have had temperatures hanging around freezing or a little above freezing with rain. Have to love winter. 🙂


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