Inspire Me Monday: Crocheting My Way To Freedom…

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…freedom from buying gifts, that is. I stumbled upon a wonderful source of FREE crochet patterns for babies and children and I am excited to start making special outfits, jackets, booties and even little shoe. Usually, I crochet queen size blankets, bed covers, Afghans, shawls, baby blankets, scarves , dish cloths and gorgeous hand towels but I have never considered crocheting anything else.Nine kids with birthdays, weddings and now grandbabies kept me crocheting constantly for years. However, just before Christmas, my daughter helped me find patterns for head bands and hats and they are a huge success ( I am actually in fashion, now!)

20130121_101321unnamed (1) assets files pattern files  5Bnode 3Aid 5D pdf en WEB P MET SilverScreenHat 2526Scarf ENG.pdf


But here are just a few of the new, free patterns I discovered on Pinterest.

Isn’t this hat with a beard perfect? It is perfect for Halloween,

yes but also for cold days when scarves simply get in the way.

PicMonkey Collage

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