Gratitude Link-up: Remember, the Deer Hit US


Well every once in a while, circumstances remind me where I really live, which is in the middle of nowhere, in Canada. Thick ice covers most of the fields, sealing in the prey and sealing out the predators.So, the coyotes come in closer to the house than usual, searching for food. Their eerie, piercing howls send shivers up my spine. We also spot and nearly miss deer bounding on the county roads every time we drive at night. Except this weekend we hit a deer. OOPS, if you want insurance to pay, you must say ,”The deer hit US.” As all the milk truck drivers must repeat to the owner,” The deer hit me, the deer hit me, the deer hit me!”110416T

So..I am linking up with Laurel. If you’d like a bit of background on why Laurel started the Gratitude Link-up >check this post.How to get involved in the Gratitude Link-up- go to Laurel’s site by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post

My Gratitude List

  1. I am extremely happy that we were not hurt, even though the deer wrecked our car. My husband slammed on the breaks, or else he would have not nicked the side but T-boned us and the collision would have been deadly.
  2. Although the odour was awful and some bowel movement was on the hood after he rolled over it there was no sign of blood on the car or road, just tuffs or hair. It seems that the deer is alive and well because he jumped a fence and bounded away.
  3. Before that eventful collision, we had a wonderful dinner with our son who is a doting father of three weeks. His wife is radiant and relaxed; I have never seen her happier or more content than with their newborn son. That baby’s heart rate barely raised during a rushed, non-scheduled C-section, He sleeps so much they keep trying to wake him up to feed him. He simply takes all their prodding in good stride then burps and goes back to sleep, just like my son did.
  4. I could list all my blessing but I will merely say that  I am pleased as punch that I can write, that I am free to write and I have a husband who understands that I have rediscovered  my passion once again.
  5. Oops, look at all the I’s in that sentence..forgive me Lord but I am still grinning, even though I am egocentric.

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6 thoughts on “Gratitude Link-up: Remember, the Deer Hit US

  1. Glad no one was hurt in your accident. My husband and I recently hit a mattress on the highway. It was just sitting there in the middle of the lane. There was nowhere for us to go so, he threw the car into neutral and slammed right into it. We weren’t hurt and the car was still fully functioning. We did lose the front bumper, but the damage was only cosmetic. We were 50 miles from home but only 8 from my parents, so we had to get the car towed over there because the police wouldn’t let us drive it back home. Thankfully my parents were not only very accommodating and happy we were alive and well, but let us take one of their cars home until we could get our car fixed. I’m so happy I have such awesome parents to back us up when we need them!


      1. haha! That was the same reaction our insurance agent had when we filed the claim. And the police when we called in the accident, and the towing company when we called for a tow! From the damage everyone thought we hit a deer. Nope, just a mattress. How anyone can lose a mattress on the highway and not notice I’ll never know.


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