I am Grateful that I Have Discovered…

I am grateful that I discovered…

  • crocheting about 10 years ago because I hate wasting time waiting in doctor’s offices, watching hockey games and driving for hours in the car with nothing to do.
  • crocheting because it is a cheap way to give priceless gifts to my kids.
  • how to crochet warm afghans, heavy bedspreads and intricate designed wedding shawls,cotton towels and facecloths, hats, lacy scarves and headbands, then baby sweaters
  •  baby crocheted booties, slippers and converse like shoes. These are my first attempts, hardly perfect but still adorable.I am making all styles and sizes for my soon to be 5 grandchildren with matching sweaters.
  • YouTube videos which taught me how to create these shoes. Slowly but surely I am entering the 21st century while connecting to generations of women who have created something out of nothing by using yarn and a steel hook.

cuter than cute crocheted baby shoes and for laurel crocheted converse booties

PicMonkey Collage

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