The Travelling, Crocheting Grandma

.Friendship Friday 114 – Anything Goes  For the last couple of weeks, it really has been a life of “anything goes”. I have stayed with a daughter who is on bed rest to prevent a premature birth, with a daughter-in-law and my newborn grandson and helped out another daughter by babysitting while she and her husband accompanied a professional house inspector before buying a beautiful country home. I  have also kept busy by  writing articles,blogging and asking advice about publishing a book.   I have crocheted for hours everyday, everything from baby  gifts, dish cloths to  innovative Easter gifts. SO….


My new title is the Travelling, Crocheting Grandma.


I have just discovered baby booties . Every women who sees these tiny crocheted shoes lights up and coos, ” Ohhh.. they are sooo adorable”. I am having a lot of fun creating something with a mere steel hook and some wool.


PicMonkey Collage


unnamed (5)unnamed (7)unnamed (6)


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