Do Small Things

When I was in university, I wanted to carry out something great, heroic even. Like all young people, I wanted to make a difference in the world. After spending 18 years pregnant and/or nursing, I have done nothing noteworthy. Yet I intuitively understand that by mothering, by doing simple things, I have changed the world.  Even though I do not always feel that I serve with love or bring light into the world, even though I feel like a failure, I know that the light of one candle, pushes back the deepest darkness because darkness is simply a lack of light, not a force.


6 thoughts on “Do Small Things

  1. You so underestimate yourself. You have done the work of four women and you put it in under the umbrella description of Joy. Amazing. Brilliant. To be marveled and admired. Great things? You went way past great. You have given the world a team of well rounded, loving, wholesome and quirky players! Thanks


  2. I second what was said here and more! So what are you doing now? Only reaching out across the globe through the internet encouraging people in their Christian faith, and helping them to draw closer to God through Catholicism! Sharing deep spiritual concepts. Showing them the beauty of life through your family (yes including the struggles). Your website is a museum through beautiful art….and I could go on. Look at what God is doing through you. Look at the big picture. God bless you and thank you for all that you do! Oh and keep writing!


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