Crocheting Market Bags is Easy

Still crocheting as my husband drives, I wait for appointments and in-between helping with new grandbabies.


I discovered Ravelry,, a crocheting and knitting, online community for  thousands of free crocheted and knitting patterns.

Market bags are easy and creating your own pattern is fun.  I use cotton yarn because it does not stretch as much as some acrylic, worsted yarn.

Simply make a magic circle then crocheted 16 half-double crocheted stitches inside it. Make as many rounds for the circular base as you want then build up the sides in any stitch you choose. Add any type of handle you want. And, beautiful, useful gifts that work up in a couple of hours. Next batch, I will choose bright coloured cotton yarn.








IMG_4642_small2unnamed (3)


12 thoughts on “Crocheting Market Bags is Easy

      1. I crochet very little and would need someone to mentor me on this. We are fairly new in this area. I will keep my eyes and ears open to something that knows how to..


      2. you know what??I am not very techno smart but I am slowly learning. I tried a youtube video to learn how to crochet baby booties and played it over and over till I got it right. IT IS LIKE HAVING A PERSONAL, PERFECTLY PATIENT PRIVATE TUTOR


  1. My mother made one of these for me, and lined it. It is gorgeous. I keep my crocheting in it. It is exactly as you described, but she chose to striped it up, with leftover yarn from other projects. I told her that she could sell these for $30+ in consignment shop, but she chose to give them away as precious gifts. I should post a picture on my blog. Thank you for the website. 🙂


  2. Hi. I’ve come here through NaBloPoMo.
    I love the website Ravelry, too.
    Your bags look great. I have crocheted only small bags. I will try using cotton yarn to make larger ones like these. Thank you for the tips.


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