10 Tips For Survial For Parents

List it Tuesday at Real Life at Home and Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Well it is still Tuesday and I have a list!

My Philosophy : Advice from a relatively sane, joyful mother of nine children.

1.Focus on the joy of parenting, not on the activities you are giving up to raise a family.

2.Treat little children like people, albeit little people, with respect for their feelings, likes, dislikes and personalities.Listen to your children, even as babies. Read their expressions and body language. In fact become a baby whisper by learning from your baby because they are not idiots, cute dolls or appendages of you but brilliant, although as yet nonverbal individuals.

3. Accidents and mishaps are simply part of every day life when you live with kids, so plan on all your plans falling apart.

4. Praise works; berating usually backfires. Give good behavior lots of attention and simply ignore most ‘bad behavior’.

5. No need to run around like crazy people, putting our children in every single program. Free time, even boring 417729_441536755926348_1558005526_ndown time allows imagination and creativity to surface .Give them cardboard boxes, crayons, paint and paper, not expensive toys. Most of all, read to them. Read to babies, toddlers, kids and even read to your teens. You will be giving them a gift that will last the rest of their lives.

6. Cultivate flexibility and acrobatic skills by learning to operate in two gears. Slow and simple for anything to do with kids. Let your little ones set the pace. Stop and look at bugs and pretty weeds when you go for a walk. Never rush a kid; fast and furious only works when you are alone.




7. Root your children in your unconditional love and in the love of God. Enjoy their unique personalities and help them discover their innate gifts and talents.

8..Let children learn to do things on their own, like dressing or feeding themselves even if they look a little odd with a polka top and checked pants.Their pride will shine brighter than your need to look like a perfect parent with well dressed children.

9. Put your kids needs first and never let then get hungry and never let them get over tired.When I ignored my children’s limit of endurance, I created either a clingy shadow or a screaming monster.

10. Laugh. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at your kids. Laugh at the mess and mistakes and enjoy this short and  precious time.


2 thoughts on “10 Tips For Survial For Parents

  1. Beautiful advice. I especially like what you said about letting kids dress themselves. When I was little I used to dress myself in tights with denim shorts over the top. There is photographic evidence. Now, 20 years later, I saw a stylish shop assistant wearing the same thing. Ha ha! Guess I was just ahead of my time. A big shout to my mum who just thought I was creative.


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