Don’t Think; Just Write

I write to engage with other people, to contribute my voice to issues in our society or to share an insight that might help a fellow human being. I write because no one has the same experiences or the same opinions as I do. I write because I have discovered a voice that is unique, a voice that simply must communicate.

I have discovered that just like I create a story as I tell it, now, I can create as I type. When an episode or opinion pops into my brain, I do not consciously choose to write about that topic or person. It is an eureka moment, that surprises me. I wonder,

“Where did that thought or memory come from? I haven’t thought about him for years!”

Woman Writing at a Table
Thomas Pollock Anshutz (1851 – 1912)

Suddenly an entire story rises up from that one thought because I have assimilated emotions, reflections, connected quotes, philosophy and integrated it all with my faith. Initially my right brain takes over, creativity flows like a river of words. The entire process is largely subconscious. I unwittingly combine a spirit of creativity with a gift to craft words together. Writers in past centuries called it the muse. Left logical brain editing follows afterwards. However, if I attempt to write the first draft with my logical left brain, the article is stilted, boring and painful to read.

 Jan Vermeer
Jan Vermeer



I suppose I am not ready to write a masterpiece but I have tasted what it is like to connect to the powerful creative force that flows through all of us. Creativity is addictive. Nothing surpasses the thrill of sitting in front of a blank page or screen with an equally blank mind when a spark deep with me flares up and a story emerges in the middle of the flames. I simply start writing naturally, almost without effort. The words flow as fast as I can type. I do not think; I just type. As Ray Bradbury says,

Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things.

“I do not plan my fiction any more than I normally plan woodland walks; I follow the path that seems most promising at any given point, not some itinerary decided before entry.”~John Fowles

“Writing became such a process of discovery that I couldn’t wait to get to work in the morning: I wanted to know what I was going to say. ~Sharon O’Brien”

My point is that when anyone begins writing, resist the temptation to imitate other writer’s style. Find your own voice. Write from your heart and soul. Write what you are passionate about and your enthusiasm and joy will open the door to words which connect with your readers. In other words, you will begin the journey to become a great writer


14 thoughts on “Don’t Think; Just Write

  1. Each post should be considered a ‘masterpiece’ if it comes from, reflects, speaks you as the writer. Bloggers sometimes fail to look at all their posts collectively and realize they just might have created a masterpiece 😉


      1. Oh… I needed that I have a rough ‘mother of nine’ book, (amusing yet insightful) which is eight chapters of collected stories and another ‘ A Catholic Ponders’ type. Just need enough courage and belief in the validity of them to tackle the rewriting and editing


  2. I’m with you all the way. Sometimes I sit down to write about one thing, and before I know it, I am writing about something very different; probably something more important.


  3. What a wonderfully encouraging article! You make me want to write. I now have a name picked out for a blog but I’m sure it’s complicated to make one. I also recently finished a short story about Native Americans/First Nations people. I need to do just a little more editing. Anyway thanks for the push forward!

    By the way I love the paintings!


    1. Oh, you must start a blog. If i could figure it out two years ago, anybody can, trust me; I knew nothing about anything. WordPress has a tutorial and walks you through every step, answers every question. i just helped the artist ann chapin set one up. Ask me anything; no question is too dumb


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