Shopping For a Modest Outfit

Since humour has more satirical punch than a long-winded rant , I will simply let this short quote and image from Pinterest stand alone. I giggle every time I see this meme.

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10 thoughts on “Shopping For a Modest Outfit

      1. when you said mission accomplished I thought you meant you’d found the dog something to wear; and because of the wording on the pic regarding his rather rude posture, I laughingly thought it may be a mac you’d bought the dog; mac is an Englsih term, which is an abbreviation for Macintosh, which is a long raincoat, worn by normal folks when it rains but, also by ‘flashers’ lol.


      2. ahhh, I see what you mean…your explaination makes much more sense than mine!
        ….no, mission accomplished meant that I made you smile. This was a ‘Catholic Meme’, listed under FUN which I took to refer to a woman trying to find a modest outfit, simply using a dog to add humour


      3. lol sometimes cross-meanings are funny too 🙂
        I was just thinking of another response to that dog pic as well –
        ‘Did no-one ever tell him it’s rude to point’.


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