“Don’t Worry Sir; My Boyfriend is Like my Trampoline.”

One of the disadvantages of a large family is that the younger children are exposed to pop culture via  their older siblings.

A prime demonstration of this phenomena was during ’circle time’ in kindergarten. Sometimes the teacher encouraged the children to sing a song, expecting to hear something like “Twinkle, twinkle little star”. She did not get that sort of song from my youngest two.children . This teacher laughed with amusement as she told me what my offspring sang for the other five-year olds.

Daniel sang “Go Grease Lightning” from the movie musical “Grease”.

Rebecca sang some pop song about not dating a scruffy looking guy “who sits in the passenger side of his best friend’s car”!

The teacher laughed and I covered my face and groaned…loudly.

However, there is usually a positive side to everything . My oldest daughters also taught the younger ones a valuable life lesson through the lyrics to this song,

“Don’t settle for the first boy who gives you attention.”

The lesson must have been absorbed because all my girls are very selective when it comes to boyfriends. In high school, if my daughters date, it only lasts a couple of weeks because they find that the boys are typically  “idiots”. Rebecca’s English teacher was just teasing her, last month, that she was high maintenance and he pitied her boyfriend.  WITHOUT MISSING A BEAT,Rebecca shot back,

“Don’t worry sir; my boyfriend is like my trampoline.”

Her teacher was puzzled, so Rebecca explained,

“I don’t have one!” `


12 thoughts on ““Don’t Worry Sir; My Boyfriend is Like my Trampoline.”

  1. Those interested in dating one of the older members of a large family should be aware that their messages and texts will be copied and shown to all for advice. Nothing is sacred. Whole Facebook conversations are copied and forwarded to those away from home. Dating is truly a family affair. In my experience, six or seven heads are better than one.


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