Tearful, Joyful Gratitude

 pray johnphillip-1817-1867_

I pause,

stopping the tense business, the gardening, chores, the typing  to think of what I am grateful for.

 As soon as the word gratitude rises up, tears spring to my eyes,  for I am aware of mercy and forgiveness

 in my spirituality with God,  my husband, kids and kid’s kids.

 I am acutely aware of the fragility of life after almost loosing a daughter in childbirth and now a younger brother-in-law soon to cancercropped-10447089_508820355914160_4485532300922026175_n.png

 The last two weeks I have

  • attended a daughter’s university graduation
  • celebrated 3 birthdays and Father’s day by making gifts and food for large gatherings
  • helped install  wood flooring in ANOTHER daughter’s new house
  • then helped her move and clean her old and new house.
  •  went to a land/lord tenant mediation meeting for a crazy, mean, illegal landlord for my youngest…and won
  • spent 6 hours house hunting in town for next term’s housing for this youngest daughter
  •  helped with a colicky newborn for a fourth daughter..
  •  plus dealt with learning that one of my husband’s younger brothers has months to live with cancer..

yet, I am aware of beauty surrounding me,PicMonkey Collage

pressing in on all sides.

a plethora of flowers, trees and birds

    the joy of creating with wordsdownload

the joy of crafting  with my crochet hook and yarn

In short, I am tearfully grateful.


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9 thoughts on “Tearful, Joyful Gratitude

  1. This is beautiful. It brings to mind my gratitude for His mercy and forgiveness in my life and in my family, too. And in the midst of something so heartbreaking, learning the news of your brother-in-law’s poor health, in your article I can see you practicing thankfulness and taking off on wings of love where sorrow is no more. Blessings to you~


  2. Our days seem to be similar. I’ currently helping a daughter (away at college) pack. But more than that – we both have large families and juggling all that that brings is rewarding, exhausting, energizing, joyful, and at times sorrowful. It is a world were all sorts of emotions collide. Sending a prayer for your brother-in-law and all that love him.


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