Polka-Dots Tops with Checked Pants?


I was often embarrassed by polka-dotted tops and checked pants as my kids ran for the school bus and was tempted to phone the kindergarten teacher , declaring that my children’s independence was more important to me than dressing a fashion plate. Basically I wanted to yell, ” I did not pick out her clothes today!”






IMG_2220eTiny, adorable, clever and independent Claire was  strong-willed, high maintenance and high-strung. My fifth child was a beautiful little package of contradictions who gave me strife and hilarious joy, sometimes at the very same time. Most arguments were about clothes. Although her fashion sense has developed into a wonderful gift now that she is in her mid twenties, at three and four-years old this “gift” was a pain.

Claire changed her clothes often throughout the day, from the age of two. Watching one of the few videos of our family, one of my older daughters pointed at the screen and laughed,

“Look at Claire. That is the third time she has changed clothes during this video!”

Sure enough, the pip squeak had another outfit on.

Claire was always aware of what she was wearing as well as those around her, which often led to disagreements about what she could and could not wear.


Although she was a mature, articulate, fashion conscious three-year old, I was still concerned that Claire was too young to start four-year old kindergarten. When she stomped into the house after the first morning, ranting about a little girl who had worn a “jean skirt with a matching jean jacket”, I realized that it was the school which was not quite ready for Claire!



10 thoughts on “Polka-Dots Tops with Checked Pants?

      1. I wore a tunic and white blouse to school in my day with long stockings. I wish it would be like that nowadays. In England, I noticed many schools wore uniforms.


      2. some “public” catholic highschools wear uniforms in canada, When we moved four years ago, I was tickeled pink that this particular schoolboard had uniforms, My youngest daughter was happy to wear a kilt and blouse and sweater… I said, I DESERVE uniforms for my ninth!!


      3. Yes. In Winnipeg, St. John’s Ravenscourt use uniforms. and St. Mary’s Academy. Where I live in a small populated area now, it is public school. Whereas before when I was growing up, it was more populated and we had a Catholic school. I wish it could be like that now for my grandchildren. We were disciplined and taught to honour our parents.


  1. My lSarah was the same way as a tiny girl; she’s now 20 and very finicky about her appearance, but she always works it out… three or four outfits later.


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