Nan is 100 years old!!

My 61 year-old husband’s grandmother is turning 100 in a couple of weeks!!  Hard to feel old when your grandma is still alive. Trust me; you don’t get to be that old by being a shrinking violet. Nan is a rosary praying, fast car driving woman to be reckoned with. She stubbornly lived alone in a big house till her mid nineties when she broke her hip one too many times. She even bought a sports car at 90 years old  and proceeded to get speeding tickets in the next couple of years till they finally took away her licence.

It is hard to imagine what her life was like in 1914 and as a young mother in mid thirties. In this photo Nan is the gorgeous woman in the hat with her 6 children in front of the group.

This next photo was taken n the mid fifites at the cottage her husband Harvey built(  many families still vaction here ,getting a week each in the summer)


Over 150 of her descendants and in-laws celebrated this wonderful milestone on Saturday where, through speakers, a slide show and a newly minted song , we tried to sum up 100 years of living! The chorus of the song literally reverberated throughout the building as we sang ,

“We love you Nan, Nan, Nan, Nan…” to the tune of an old Beatles’ song







I thought a shawl would be the perfect gift to brighten up even sleep or lounge wear for someone in a wheel chair. I did not want it too long, warm or wide so that was easy to use in a wheelchair, inside. I called it a prayer shawl because it was made with Love and,,,I knew she would like it better if I called it a prayer shawl!

The pattern I used as a base was called Shimmer and Shine Scarf, not that mine shimmers or shines but I liked the look of the scarf.…



7 thoughts on “Nan is 100 years old!!

  1. Happy Birthday wishes sent her way! She sure sounds like a wonderful lady! I can picture her in her sports car at 90! Good for her. Your shawl is so pretty and a perfect gift for a dear woman.

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  2. This just proves your other post. Lot’s of kids do keep you young! Hahaha, love the fast driving part. That will probably be me ~ hopefully without the tickets and a VW bug will do. Blessings for her long life.

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