Create with Joy surprised I am adding a hilarious story with a touch of self-deprecating humour  so I don’t get too puffed up

Friend Of The Week –
Melanie Jean Juneau – The Mother Of Nine9

Melanie Jean Juneau

If you love bloggers who share delightful stories
About motherhood and the world around us –
Then you will enjoy getting to know Melanie!

Melanie is an author and journalist who loves
Books, gardening, writing, and painting.
Her mother calls her “an old soul”.

For a taste of Melanie’s writing,
Visit her latest Friendship Friday post,
Memories Turned Into Stories Never Die
And be sure to congratulate Melanie for being
Crowned our Friend Of The Week!

Me: One Part Guts,Two Parts Gift

How to create Melanie from scratch: A layer cake, tart, not too sweet.

Baking Tin

Must be constructed from a shiny, iridescent hot metal called love which shines and reflects warmth even in a dark, cold room.

Bottom Crust

5 pounds of sheer determination ( guts), layered, alternately, with 5 pounds of sinew and true grit. Make sure the crust is firm yet still flexible so that it does not crack under pressure but rather bends when needed.

Sprinkle with pounds of humour and laughter. Both must be shaken on top of the crust and in each subsequent layer because laughter is essential to my survival. Do not omit this life-sustaining ingredient or my life will collapse.

First Layer

Add liberal amounts of creativity and intuition combined with circular thinking. DO NOT MEASURE. Large quantities of these three ingredients are vital. Do not substitute with logic nor linear thinking. Completely vital to my sanity and to the insanity of my husband. This layer is the thickest and most lively; it springs back into shape even when neglected for long periods of time.

Second Layer

Delight in children. Since I had nine kids, nine shakes of delight will suffice. The whole cake will fall into depression without delight.

Top Layer

Gratitude and thankfulness make up this layer, the more the better. This is a clear, gelatinous layer that receives light which permeates all the other layers.


Joy. This ingredient cannot be purchased and is pure gift.

Drink with a strong cup of tea, steeped at least five minutes. A must.


4 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. What a lovely post – congratulations on being the friend of the week at Friendship Friday. I have 2 kids, grown up now, and absolutely loved having my babies and still love being a mum. Your recipe is wonderful 🙂


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