NOT a Haggard, Worn out Bag of Regret

f62006bd77eb6d98b47f79aed70efa86I am a conundrum in the eyes of modern society because I am a joyful mother of nine children. This very fact seems to confound most people who expect me to look like a haggard, worn out bag of regret and unfulfilled dreams. Society in general is baffled to learn that I discovered freedom precisely as a mother.

Now a joyful,  tiny mother of nine simply confuses people because I shatter all their preconceived notions. The typical image of a multipara women would be a large, matronly, robust, grim, battle-axe of a mother, efficiently marshaling her young charges with little time to coddle or love the poor, deprived dears. I delight in confounding stereotypes.




3 thoughts on “NOT a Haggard, Worn out Bag of Regret

  1. If my paternal grandmother were still alive right now, she’d probably be smiling at this post. She’s also a mother of nine, too, and she’s not the stereotypical sort that you’re not talking about here! Keep on being an inspiration, Mrs. Juneau! ^_^

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