Baby Talk

Now, I could usually tell what my babies need by their bodily movements, facial expressions and by the intensityhivesy, sharpness, or lower tones of their cries. However, even though I had nine kids and I consider myself to be a baby whisperer, I just learned from my daughters  there are four different cries a new-born makes. A cry starting with

  • Neh  means I’m hungry.
  • Owh says I’m sleepy
  • Heh  expresses I’m experiencing discomfort
  • Eairh  or in other words,  I have lower gas
  • Eh  in English translates as- I need to be burped

All I can say is wow, little people are intelligent.

Society must teach all mothers how to become Baby Whisperers. Sometimes I think that horse whisperers learn more skills than new mothers. Don’t you think that Maternity Wards should at least hand out pamphlets with some of these survival tips on them?


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