Childcare IS the Most Important Work

What is really important in life?

One of my daughters phoned yesterday, on the coach with a migraine, only managing to nurse, change, cuddle and play with her baby. Bitter cold kept them indoors. She was feeling as if she hadn’t accomplished anything for days.

I reminded her

I watched her uncle die last month

realizing St. Paul was spot on

only love lasts

we die stripped of accomplishments

and possessions

The next day she posted this quote from C.S. Lewis, which happens tp be one of my favorite quotes.
10659426_10152750942419500_112174506662600616_n (1)Of course. this brings to mind my own infamous quote


4 thoughts on “Childcare IS the Most Important Work

  1. There was once a mother who had a very sick baby. She and her husband, worried sick, took the baby to the doctor. While the doctor examined the baby, trying to get a hold of her tattered emotions, the mother restlessly scanned the room. She had the distinct feeling that Something ‘took hold of her eyes’ and ‘rested her gaze’ on the doctor’s glass cupboard, stuffed full of vitamins and other medical samples. On the door of the cupboard, there was a sticker with the words, Did You Hug Your Child Today?

    For some reason, amidst the clutter there, the mother saw only those printed words.
    They soon returned home in relief over the doctor’s pronouncement that their baby would be okay.

    Once home, the mother got busy wielding broom and mop and disinfectant to clean the home so the baby won’t get ill from germs from the floor. Baby gently called out to her from time to time, and she went to baby, but not too long as the floors needed to get done.

    She forgot all about Did You Hug Your Child Today?

    Baby died that night. Home was spotless and gleaming.

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