A Self-Publishing Forum and Cheer Me On

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Well, I have taken the plunge, and officially started to compile my stories into sections for a book. It might take forever to rewrite and edit because my method of writing is pretty basic; I simply  spill out artless slice-of-life stories with little or no revision. I am surprised how many I have actually written. If I include spiritual reflections on family life, I have the book  more than half done with 46,700 words without calling on my adult kids to help trigger my memory.


entered a first chapter contest.  After finishing two more teaching modules, I will be officially finished the first chapter which is about 9,500 words. To win, I need  people to click on the cheer me on button. Winning simply means promotion on the editor’s website.

cheer me on? ummm… this link does not work but the one in the sidebar does



Perhaps the first stage will be to self-publish a short excerpt with the helping of Connie who is staging a forum to help newbies. If you are interested drop in to register for the 30 minute, free forum tonight at 8pm




9 thoughts on “A Self-Publishing Forum and Cheer Me On

  1. Melanie this is great news! I’m so excited for you!

    I really encourage self-publishing authors to consider editorial services from EditIndie.com because they specialize in self-published and debut authors. They are much less expensive than editing packages offered by Createspace and the like. Polishing can be expensive, but they’ve been great!

    Good luck with your manuscript!


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