Discovering Gold

kl33Veronica’s body was slumped, weighed down by burdens

Emotionally defeated by an alcoholic husband

who is coping with MS.

Lonely and isolated with

Clinical depression.

Overweight, stumbling along with a walker.

Victimized by a battle-axe of a mother,

Shunned by a successful brother

The convenient scapegoat of the family.

She had just recently stopped shaving her head to deter unwanted male attention after sexual harassment years ago.

YETimages (2)

In her desperation, she had turned to God,

To the light.

Veronica was learning, changing, healing in His warm embrace.

She began to speak up revealing an

Articulate, extremely intelligent and witty woman who was

Creative, intuitive, sensitive and spiritual.

In excited tones, I declared,

“You think you are way down in the hierarchy of social standing, with your mother and brother  above you, wealthy and successful but I say to you, YOU are exalted by God, becoming His daughter, healed and filled with a joy which is not dependant on stuff. Your relatives are bullies, living in the darkness of their own hubris.”

Her mouth dropped open.

She stared at me in shock.

Silent for a long time.

images (1)

Tears came to her eyes.

Slowly, she started to smile,

Then beam in delight as the truth dawned on her.

Veronica had discovered gold, her own interior gold.




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