Creative thinking is thinking outside of the box.

Most modern people are trained to think in straight logical lines by our school system. They shake their heads at my thought process which I call circular thinking.


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However, I believe that some of the best thinking is circular.


In fact, I love  sending  other people ideas or a stream of consciousness expimages (14)erience of ending up where I began … but being different for having circled around an idea and making it my own.

Some might call this crazy thinking; I call it intuitive, creative and right-brained.





5 thoughts on “CreativeThinking

  1. All houses must be built square because all the houses in my village are square, leaves no room for the round, triangle, pentagon, etc.

    Circular thinking is commonly thought of as one who refuses to consider the introduction of fact into a discussion.

    Your writings, creative writing, I consider more as a mighty oak tree. Roots~trunk of an idea, can be fiction or non-fiction at this point, then branch out with many leaves to consider.

    If we are returned to the roots and this was the purpose of the writer success.

    If the reader went out on a limb the writer grew and followed the branches to a set of leaves the writer either discovered or intended to lead the reader so this is ok to; success.

    Write for yourself, the intended audience will amazingly appear through the guiding hand of Divine Providence.

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