Raising children is definitely not a default chore for women
who were not successful in the world of business, power and wealth.
Exactly how society forms the next generation
will directly influence
the kind of society they turn create.
Do we want a world focused
only on the accumulation of wealth?
Are we  creating a race of humans
who are becoming increasingly
cold and
about relationships, family and love?
A  smile
for the wisdom of mothers
for the suffering
necessary to acquire
not knowledge.
Painful regret
for this hectic modern society
scrambling after glitter
success while pushing the wisdom of mothers
to the fringes of influence.
Joyful hope
that mothers will reveal their unique
to a jaded cynical world,
which has forgotten all is fleeting
except Love.

One thought on “Mothering

  1. Many of my reasonably well-off colleagues yearn for their kids to grow up quickly. They are in the business of hurrying childhood to its premature end because the kids hold them back from their pleasures; kids cramp their lifestyle. Many are good cooks but they find little joy in cooking for the family. Of late, some have begun to have holidays away from the kids (to de-stress) on a regular basis. These are the same people who are the last to pick up their kids from the daycare. Kids are sent there at the crack of dawn, and only get to see their parents when it’s almost dark because every day, some of the parents need some hours to de-stress. Not by words, but by every thing else, they show their children that they are a burden, a hold-back from all the heights of glory they could have attained.

    I never saw my children as a burden but they were a responsibility I took very seriously. Too seriously that I forgot to laugh and have enough fun with them. If we went to the pool or to the beach, I’d be barking orders every single minute like some deranged lifeguard. I was, in your words, a true battleax of a No-fun mum, always chasing down some little mischievous backside. I was stressed out, harried and every inch the shrew.

    Every single day, I’d go out to work drained and tired. I’d come home drained and tired too. I’m known for my high standard of work, but again, it was with that Battleax Approach that was so a part of me.

    Every single time work stress got to me, I’d pray to God for help, but an unseen Hand would always turn my head back towards my family. I could not understand why it was so. It frustrated me. I thought God wasn’t listening. It took more than a decade to understand that despite all the cooking and cleaning and caring for the children, my respite from stress, home or at work, would only come from receiving joy from them, from enjoying them. Once I learned this, I found I could handle my outside job better. However bad a day I had, I knew I would be coming home to chaos, spills, fights, but hugs, cuddles, jokes and giggles too – FAMILY LOVE.

    And that made all the difference!

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