Humourous Survial Tips From Mother of Nine9

The following quotes, written by Melanie Jean Juneau, are child proof, child tested and  guaranteed  to turn any child created disaster into a comedy in minutes.

Useful  tips for every mum, dad, uncle, aunt, grandma, grandpa and godparents, houseguest, friends….

Kids need time to be bored; that is how creativity is born.”

Ignore the bad and praise the good.

The only thing that could kill you as a mother of nine is pairing socks.

“Never let little ones become over tired and never let them become too hungry. If you do, you will create a clinging wimp, or a raving monster.

Babies are pre-verbal, not idiots.

Children help you forget what is not important.

My ceiling is my children’s floor.

Don’t get upset over messes. It is just part of the normal routine.

More children are easier than less. If you have one or two kids you ave to be everything for them but with three, community starts.

a mother's words

8 thoughts on “Humourous Survial Tips From Mother of Nine9

  1. Melanie, as the 2nd of Nine, I soooo enjoy your posts. Saturday hunting for odd-socks! Holy guacamole. The bag of odds were humongous! And anyone, child or adult gets unbearable when she is hungry or exhausted. (or too hot.)


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