Bloggers are Writers Too: My Interview Has 9,403 Plays. Who ARE These People?

” We have no idea what is happening or happened.  Jennifer, our producer, and I have both poured over the analytics, nothing unusual – guessing you just did a great job promoting it 🙂

clueless lol

My only thought is this will be a great stat to show any future publisher.

icon_podbean_seekingheartI was shocked on Monday evening  on May 4th, 2015 when Allison phoned to brief me on the hour long conversation scheduled for the next morning. Actually it was a blessing I had forgotten about the interview because I had no time to worry about what I would say on Tuesday, May 5. So I did not prepare at all. Although few people listened to our chat live, more than 1,636 people have listened to the podcast to date. I must admit I helped plug this episode; I plastered the link to my interview on all my blogs in the sidebars and on social media.

Allison began with an embarrassing opinion,

”I don’t think I know any other writer who is as prolific as you are.”

I responded, “Why does everyone always say that?”

We both laughed, which set the tone for the rest of our sharing. I will let you all in on an incredible secret: Mrs. Gingras is terrified of bugs and has never gardened in her life. I was almost speechless with shock, given my lifestyle. As an interviewer, Allison was thorough, asking me everything from how I started to blog, my favorite topics to write about, certain posts, and my life. She really wanted to know what a hobby farm was because we lived on a farm with our nine children for 25 years. We  feed our large family by raising a calf, four pigs, 15 laying hens and 175 meat birds every year as well as tending a huge garden with 75-foot rows of vegetables.

If you would like to laugh along with Allison and myself, just click on the link:


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