New Anthology Encourages Mums

5 Catholic mum bloggers challenge today’s culture on the value of motherhood5 bloggers

Ontario, Canadian mum Melanie Jean Juneau is a love rebel— one of 5 moms who have chosen to pursue the vocation of motherhood over their careers or personal goals. Along with four other Catholic moms, she shares her stories of mothering despite living in a culture that belittles their efforts in Love Rebel: Reclaiming Motherhood.

Compiled and edited by Roberta Cottam, this slender anthology aspires to encourage today’s moms in their vocation of motherhood. From inspiring poetry to practical tips, essays that capture the small moments of motherhood and reflections on mothering in today’s world, this anthology brings together a wealth of wisdom from five ordinary yet inspiring moms.

Coming out July 21


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From the Forward by Roberta

Few women I knew celebrated their birth stories or breastfeeding experiences, and it was heartbreaking to me that so few mothers spoke joyfully about being vessels for the miracle of life. I believe that being able to bear children is the highest privilege a human can experience, and yet I saw — both personally and in media — a multitude of examples which  regarded motherhood as a curse, of sorts. 

 I discovered other bloggers who are up to transforming the landscape of motherhood. These writer-moms offer up a glimpse of their lives, courageously sharing their  family philosophies and strategies. Many of these perspectives are directly contrary to mainstream parenting in our culture  today: freedom of personal choice throughout pregnancy,  midwifery, bearing more children than national averages, homeschooling, backyard homesteading and living a faithful life. The women featured in this book are rebels in today’s  birthing and parenting culture. 


Full of earnest and joyful contributions that inspire and affirm, this exuberant anthology resonates with love and authenticity. It serves as an earthy and affectionate antidote to a world that suggests that motherhood should be considered an afterthought instead of a priority.”— Dymphny Dronyk, Q. Med., Senior Consultant & Manager at Communica Public Affairs, President of the League of Canadian Poets Council and Editor/Publisher at

“Pope Francis challenges moms and dads to dream about their children… and this little book is a great beginning. I’m a big believer in affirming what is good and in this short work, five spiritually alive mothers make the case brilliantly.” — Father Julio Lagos

“Motherhood shared — whether the ups or the downs — is pure joy, as Melanie Jean Juneau proves again and again in her delightful and  insightful writing.” — Allison Gingras, host of A Seeking Heart on Real Life Radio

“Melanie Jean Juneau’s honest refl ections on motherhood show the humour as well as the challenge in the daily tasks — and the long-term work — of mothering children.” — Barb Szyszkiewicz, OFS, Editorial Consultant at


Anna Eastland is mom to six (including one in heaven) and blogs at Bonnie Way has three daughters and blogs at Monique Les has one daughter and writes from Victoria, BC, as Melanie Jean Juneau is mom to nine and grandma to five; she lives in Ontario and blogs at Monique LeBlanc has five children (including one in heaven) and writes about life in Saskatoon, SK at

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