Fall Edition of Tender Tidings Parenting Magazine

The simplest way to play with our kids is in nature, especially with pets or farm animals. Have you noticed how a toddler delights in the mere glimpse of a dog or cat? Even a  goldfish on the counter or a hamster in a small apartment will fascinate a small child with their antics. For our family,  joyful living meant welcoming animals into our lives. Pets, farm animals, not to mention untamed pests crowded in along with nine kids on our hobby farm.

I am one of a group of mothers who contribute to Tender Tidings, a FREE quarterly on-line magazine for gentle, intentional, and attachment-minded parents!  Each issue explores marriage, living your faith radiantly with your children, and how to live well spiritually and practically.


In This Issue:

  • Family-Centered Fitness: Body and Soul

Pets: A Key to a Joyful Family life by Melanie Jean Juneau- page 10

  • Dr. Greg: how to handle kids’ questions about gay “marriage”
  • Benedictine wisdom for families
  • St. Francis feast day ideas
  • Homemade snacks for busy kids
  • AND MORE!Tender Tidings Magazine

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