Making Something Out of Nothing

When parents are creative, using what is on hand to make do instead of constantly running to the store for ingredients or supplies, we teach our kids to be resourceful.  It is a talent which they can apply to their studies, the workplace, for entertainment as well as in their day-to-day lives at home. All my adult kids are creative and know how to substitute; they can make something out of nothing.

Although I shared one of my crocheted books on my crocheting blog, I could not resist publishing the same post on mother of nine9 because I am enthralled with the idea of a playbook. The possibilities for more books are endless. I stumbled on whole the idea of crocheted  playbook at

I created an original animal book for one grandson’s birthday.


Most of the pages in my first crocheted book are original because my grandson was too young for Joanita’s playbook. Some of the appliques I made up as I went along, others came from free crocheted applique patterns on Pinterest




However, the first page with the pirate on a ship did come from  Creative Crocheted Toys.
This entire project was so much fun and my 2-year-old grandson is completely enthralled with both the texture, colour and detail on every page. The buttons add interest and focal points, I  used an old binder to put the crocheted pages together.

So far, I have a pirate front page with an under the sea page, seashore, birds, insects, two farm pages and indoor pet page.unnamed-4n



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