Reclaiming Motherhood

Society’s Reaction To Large Families

A few years ago, when a journalist interviewed me for an article on Mother’s Day, she asked me if I ever regretted not using my degree to pursue a career. I simply stared at her in shock for a few moments, my mind blank. “No”, I finally stuttered, “the thought never entered my mind.” It was then the journalist’s turn to stare at me in shock for a few minutes.

Even though my article merely shared a humorous peek into my hectic life, half of the ninety comments had to be deleted after publication. Many comments were angry, profane attacks. Obviously, a pro-life feminist stance strikes a raw nerve in society, a symptom of a decades-old battle between the pro-choice and pro-life camps. Ironically both sides fight for the equality and dignity of women.

 In the face of this dilemma, I wrote an anthology with four other Catholic women about the pain and joy of reclaiming a sense of dignity as a mother in today’s society called Love Rebel: Reclaiming Motherhood.


Though I often still cringe under disapproval from society, I understand my children saved me by compelling me to dive deeper into my spirit, discovering the power of eternal Love at my core. God’s Love stands strong against all opposition.

I can honestly say my husband and I are joyful because we answered a particular call to parent a large family. Many small experiences kept reinforcing the truth; God called each of our children into being with our cooperation. I stumbled blindly at times and then a burst of clarity would shine a light on my purpose as I lived out my calling as a mother of a large family.

Motherhood is a choice women should be free to make without feeling ostracized. Society is building a false narrative by looking down on a woman’s most sacred, natural role. Mothering can be a feminist, pro-life call, vocation, and witness to the world.


3 thoughts on “Reclaiming Motherhood

  1. “if I ever regretted not using my degree to pursue a career”…

    That’s so sad.. Not for you, I know God’s given you the strength and dignity to continue the interview, but for that person.

    They don’t even see it as a “privilege” of the elite — people go to college and get a degree in historical art and marry into rich society, never having to “career” — and so, therefore, you should be afforded some modicum of secular respect.

    Can’t see. I pray they do, someday.

    Great post, thank you, and God bless you and your wonderful family. 🙂

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  2. I think it is a very real concern. I myself have felt that being a mother is not enough, not because I really believe it, but because of the stigma surrounding it, and the assumption that ‘smart’ women have it all. I have found getting older has helped. I don’t deny that money hasn’t been a problem. Living on one income does not get you the house or lifestyle once possible in the past. But, what our house lacks in size, I hope it makes up for in love. I choose to now see this call to motherhood as a blessing, despite obstacles with health, and finance.

    I hope that our world addresses this imbalance and honours this important vocation. It really is a gift.

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