Unpaired Socks, Teachable Moments and Pure Flix

I was recently inspired by Christian movie company Pure Flix, to discuss an experience that I would like to share with a loved one, so they might better know how to handle it if they were ever faced with something similar. These experiences are often referred to as “teachable moments” or valuable lessons.  So here is just one example of a teachable moment about letting go of control.

I slowly learnt how to let some things go and centre on the essentials, on loving and not maintaining a perfectly clean house with all the laundry folded in dresser drawers.

Surrendering to the power of the Holy Spirit within our spirits can seem like a rather esoteric activity, something to talk about, write about, and perhaps pray about but not part of our daily lives but our inner and outer lives are intricately entwined. This means when I learnt how to let go of control in my inner life, it affected how I dealt with daily life.

Example: how to deal with mismatched socks.


Fact: When eleven people wear 22 socks every day for a week it means 154 individual socks to wash and pair every week.

Fact: The only thing that could kill you as a mother of a large family is pairing socks.

I realize there are many solutions to the sock problem. Some are outrageous.

For example, I remember a crazy, campfire song, from my childhood, that we usually sang in rounds.
“Black socks, they never get dirty;
The longer you wear them, the blacker they get.
Some times, I think I should wash them
But something keeps telling me
Oh, not yet, not yet, not yet”
I did not seriously consider this option, though. After only one day stuck inside an active child’s running shoe, socks reek. I had 154 stinky socks to wash every week, at the bare minimum. Oh well, sometimes I did four loads of laundry a day and socks really didn’t take up that much room.
Still, socks disappeared into mountains of laundry and I could never find them all. Do you have any idea where 154 socks can hide every week? I had to look between sheets, under Chesterfield and chairs, behind closet doors, inside wet boots, in school bags, under toy baskets, inside of pant legs and even, if I was lucky, in one of eleven dirty clothes baskets and still I could not find them all.

had to pair all the socks! Or Did I? That was the brilliant, out of the box sort of question I asked myself one day.

New solution.

Buy lots of black socks in every size. Surely some semblance of a pair of socks would be easier to find.

That was the new plan.

I simply tossed the black socks into a wicker basket with a three-foot circumference and a height of two and a half feet and hoped for the best.
However, I had managed to overlook one important fact. I had six daughters. Little girls don’t like black socks. They like pink socks. To make matters worse my mother bought cute socks with frills and bows and patterns that the girls really needed and loved.

None of them were the same! So although I used the toss and throw method of pairing, some mornings found us frantically searching for some appearance of a pair.

At times, I had to literally toss the newly discovered pair over the upstairs railing. One of my kids, who already had their coat and school bag on their back, would catch them in mid-air. They quickly pulled on their socks, stuffed their feet into boots or shoes and flew out the door, barely making the school bus.

People joke about washing machines eating socks. Rationally, I know that this is a silly answer to my dilemma but the more I think about it, the better I like the whimsical answer.


I could kill myself trying to control everyone’s sock habits but really, life is much, more interesting if we relax a bit and joke about our failings and foibles. God seems to like those who realize they are failures because then He can finally save them from themselves.

Reflecting on my story of mismatched socks, it really is apparent that God is present in everything in our daily lives. Hopefully, my story is helpful to some of you and I encourage you to share some of your own!  Stories can be helpful in guiding through life or even teaching lessons and the from Pure Flix Christian movies are a great example and helpful resource.

Pure Flix Watch Family Friendly and Christian Movies Online

5 thoughts on “Unpaired Socks, Teachable Moments and Pure Flix

  1. I’m sure if I ever make it to even, there will be some minor saint or angel, that pulls me aside, and says, “About those missing socks…here’s the deal….” Maybe it’s cuz I didn’t get their brilliance while here on earth, maybe I’m paying for a lifetime of wrong-thinking – BUT, all I can say is…. my washing machine holds on top of it 3 mismatched socks – 2 black, 1 white – it wouldn’t matter, but, after years of hand-me-downs wearing, from teen-aged sons and husband, I finally, had to go buy me own socks last year – AND, the white one has green stripes on the bottom – -did it get lost in the attic during the electrical job? LOL – – – Alas, my only sin, nowadays, is leaving my socks on the floor when I go to bed – – cuz, the doggie that now is my only roommate, likes my coconut oil/essential oils based self-wash/moisturizer items AND, I’m pretty sure, come spring clean up, I’ll find the socks, buried in the yard somewhere I decided to plant something….LOL – but yes, mismatched socks are both lost to the Universe and bring the Universe into perspective, all at the same time – – 🙂 Which reminds me, my ‘Ah-HAH!” moment in my own parenting journey was also about socks, albeit, “If the socks laying on the floor bother you that much – you can decide, pick ’em up, let them lie, or let them wear dirty socks – all up to you….” LOL

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