Family Fun: Dinner and a Movie at Home? Yup!

It is a simple fact; there is no better way to form deep relationships and a sense of family unity than conversation over a home-cooked meal, then sharing a good movie afterward. It was our large family’s version of going out for dinner and a movie in town. Life around our dinner table was relaxed and happy because I allowed my children to behave in … Continue reading Family Fun: Dinner and a Movie at Home? Yup!

Dowdy, If Not For Daughters

My sense of fashion withered while raising nine kids on a hobby farm. I did not have time to do more than throw my hair up in a quick updo and pull on pantyhose in our big van on the way to Church. Then my daughters slowly embarked on an ongoing,  long-term fashion intervention project. Now after a few years of personal renovations, I must admit, … Continue reading Dowdy, If Not For Daughters

Don’t Let the Dog In and Don’t Let Daniel Out

Life was especially chaotic after the birth of our eighth and ninth children because everyone was still fourteen and under. It was difficult to keep a sharp eye out for my new bundle of energy, Daniel. As our second youngest, Daniel’s basic character has always been pleasant and easy-going. His eyes are still twinkling and a slight smile graces his face. Most troubles seem to … Continue reading Don’t Let the Dog In and Don’t Let Daniel Out

“ So, What Does Jesus Do With Ghosts?”

Michael’s father, a police officer, had given our family free tickets to a large three-ring circus production the police department were sponsoring. Of course after a few hours, the flashing lights, loud music, breath-taking suspense, excitement and cotton candy overstimulated all six kids. Rather than playing like they usually did, everyone was hyperactive, yelling and becoming increasingly agitated. It was obvious  I needed to intervene … Continue reading “ So, What Does Jesus Do With Ghosts?”

Shopping With Teens

  Ah, the secret delight I experienced every time one of my oldest three daughters took their younger sisters shopping for a dress for a special occasion. After a particular stressful shopping trip, they would stumble through the door, complaining about their hard to please younger sibling. Typically, they’d roll their  eyes and sputter, ” Do you want to know what kind of dress she … Continue reading Shopping With Teens