Help: I’ve got 5 Older Sisters

When you live with five older sisters you might as well have six mothers. The school bus was not scheduled to pull up for another twenty minutes. Six-year old Rebecca, my youngest child, needed both hands to yank the old, heavy kitchen door open, desperately attempting a quick escape for some free time before school.  As the door… Continue reading Help: I’ve got 5 Older Sisters

Listen to the Children: Mutual Respect

No matter what our occupation, we tend to think that our work, our agenda is important. It is almost in our nature to let ambition and drive push other people to the fringes of our awareness while we toil in an isolated bubble of self-importance. There are many methods that can shake us out of…… Continue reading Listen to the Children: Mutual Respect

Nan is 100 years old!!

My 61 year-old husband’s grandmother is turning 100 in a couple of weeks!!  Hard to feel old when your grandma is still alive. Trust me; you don’t get to be that old by being a shrinking violet. Nan is a rosary praying, fast car driving woman to be reckoned with. She stubbornly lived alone in…… Continue reading Nan is 100 years old!!

“Don’t Worry Sir; My Boyfriend is Like my Trampoline.”

One of the disadvantages of a large family is that the younger children are exposed to pop culture via  their older siblings. A prime demonstration of this phenomena was during ’circle time’ in kindergarten. Sometimes the teacher encouraged the children to sing a song, expecting to hear something like “Twinkle, twinkle little star”. She did not get that… Continue reading “Don’t Worry Sir; My Boyfriend is Like my Trampoline.”

Learning to Take off My Dung Coloured Glasses

Happiness: the fleeting dream that eludes most of us.  I am often miserable, pressed for time, running around  in my insular little world, only catching glimpses of the world around me as I peer  through dung coloured glasses. Yet the solution to my dilemma is remarkably easy. Stop. Take off my dung coloured lenses. Look…… Continue reading Learning to Take off My Dung Coloured Glasses

Fathering in the 21st Century

I love how each generation of fathers are becoming more involved with childcare. My husband was much more involved with our children than his father ever was and my sons are even more comfortable changing diapers and bathing infants. .  The newest father in our family has a 2 month old son with one 2-month-oldhters.… Continue reading Fathering in the 21st Century

Want a Laugh? Take a Peek Into Our House…

Come take a peek into our house a few years ago because in a family of eleven, everything is a Big Deal. . Imagine twenty-two pieces of bread lined up in two rows on the table. Each sandwich is made with a particular person in mind because I did want them to actually eat the sandwiches at… Continue reading Want a Laugh? Take a Peek Into Our House…

Our House and Cats

God loves kids and animals; animals and kids sense immediately when a home is permeated with Love and the Spirit of God. Our House Lyrics by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. From My Girl 2 Our house is a very, very fine house With two cats in the yard Life used to be so hard Now everything is…… Continue reading Our House and Cats

Dogs With Personality Disorders?

Were we crazy to keep theses canine misfits? Definitely. Perhaps only a family with nine kids, pets, farm animals and wild pests could cope.  We often took in animals, usually dogs, who were suffering in the city. There was overweightt, depressed Buster, a Springer Spaniel, languishing in a garage during the day and crated during…… Continue reading Dogs With Personality Disorders?

10 Tips For Survial For Parents

List it Tuesday at Real Life at Home and Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers Well it is still Tuesday and I have a list! My Philosophy : Advice from a relatively sane, joyful mother of nine children. 1.Focus on the joy of parenting, not on the activities you are giving up to raise a family. 2.Treat little children like people, albeit little… Continue reading 10 Tips For Survial For Parents

Finding Joy in Chaos

“Welcome to OUR home. We love kids, animals, plants and even you. Just come on in!” Five-year old Daniel is leaping off the fourth stair wearing his black cape, a purple Batman sweatshirt and his 'Mountie' hat. Three-year old Rebecca carries a huge, old purse stuffed with cut pieces of paper and fake money and… Continue reading Finding Joy in Chaos

How To Convince a Two Year Old

My children  lived in a house with ten other very different personalities who all shared one  and a half bathrooms. Just imagine the tact it required to squeeze any sink and mirror time  in the bathroom if you  happened to have five or six older sisters! The kids learned interpersonal techniques through the old trial and error method.  I did…… Continue reading How To Convince a Two Year Old

Comic Drama: Shopping with Teenage Girls

Her older sister rolled her eyes and sputtered,” Do you want to know what kind of dress she wanted me to buy?!” It was and still is an educational experience for one of my adult daughters to shop with a younger sister. After a particular stressful shopping trip, they would stumble through the door, complaining… Continue reading Comic Drama: Shopping with Teenage Girls

Connecting With Our Baby’s Souls

Although I am a mother of nine and a grandmother to four and soon to be five grandchildren my encounters with these new grandbabies continues to startle me.  My daughter-in-law was bouncing baby "Daniel" who was fussy and uncomfortable with the typical two-month old digestive problems. He was glassy-eyed and in pain, half crying, half… Continue reading Connecting With Our Baby’s Souls

Let Me Guess: Daddy Dressed Her

When a writing prompt asked what was the weirdest thing about my health, the question stumped me until I realized that my good health is weird; I mean, I had nine kids but I am tiny with the best good cholesterol my doctor has ever seen and such low blood pressure that if it was any lower…… Continue reading Let Me Guess: Daddy Dressed Her

Thriving When Stress Reduces Life to The Basics

 As every mother knows, a newborn takes at least eight hours a day to nurse, burp, rock and comfort, bath, change clothes and change diapers. Then a mother must washall those diapers, clothes, receiving blankets, sheets and baby blankets as well as their clothes which tend to get covered in vomit, and other nasty surprises. The… Continue reading Thriving When Stress Reduces Life to The Basics

Chicken Pox Times Eight

Imagine this scene. Eight children sprawl limply on chairs, a Chesterfield and on the rug surrounded by pillows,comforters and favourite stuffed toys. Every one is moaning on and off with fever, lethargy, and itchy spots that are driving them crazy. I dole out acetaminophen, rotate who gets an oatmeal bath (that brings temporary relief), continue…… Continue reading Chicken Pox Times Eight

Inspire Me Monday:The AWESOME POWER of the ICE STORM

  All around us there are power  lines and towers down for at least three days with 350,000 homes affected; we are still fine with just 12 more hours of freezing rain to live through. It is amusing that I can I can jump on the icy snow and not make a dent in it! The other plus…… Continue reading Inspire Me Monday:The AWESOME POWER of the ICE STORM

Charles Dickens Delights in The Heart of a Child

In a “A Christmas Carol”, Charles Dickens delights us as his main character,crusty Mr. Scrooge,  is transformed from a miserable, miserly curmudgeon to a joyful, generous man with the heart of a child “Bah,” said Scrooge, “Humbug.” ― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol “For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty…… Continue reading Charles Dickens Delights in The Heart of a Child