Unpaired Socks, Teachable Moments and Pure Flix

I was recently inspired by Christian movie company Pure Flix, to discuss an experience that I would like to share with a loved one, so they might better know how to handle it if they were ever faced with something similar. These experiences are often referred to as “teachable moments” or valuable lessons.  So here is just one example of a teachable moment about letting … Continue reading Unpaired Socks, Teachable Moments and Pure Flix

Effective Mothers Remember What It Is Like to be Small

Last year, one of my daughters, who was finishing up an Honours Degree in Religion and applying to Teacher’s College, asked me what I thought were the attributes of an effective teacher for her application. When I considered effective teachers, I immediately thought about effective mothers. One of the best ways to learn how to mother and teach is to remember both the good and … Continue reading Effective Mothers Remember What It Is Like to be Small

The Key To Sanity

The characteristic I like most about myself is I can always laugh, even in the middle of a disaster. I find this tendency is the key to my sanity, although some people might question my sanity when I laugh so hard that I almost fall off my chair. I  laugh at myself, my nine children and my husband. Perhaps I hide a sadistic streak. The times I have laughed the hardest … Continue reading The Key To Sanity

Crocheted Playbook: Under The Sea

This playbook is not for a preschooler but a young child who is learning how to play games. One page is similar to a board game which I called Finding Nemo,   another Sea Turtle Tic Tac Toe, and a Clam Matching Game. There are other interactive pages featuring a three-dimensional whale, starfish, and mermaid . Although I changed details, especially the look of the mermaid, … Continue reading Crocheted Playbook: Under The Sea