Nature Not Nurture. Trust Me.

This picture is a great symbol for how I very often feel as I watch my offspring. Sometimes I think, “Are you really my kid?Where did that talent, personality or characteristic come from?” All my children have the same parents and  have lived in the same environment but each child inherited not only different physical genes but…… Continue reading Nature Not Nurture. Trust Me.

The Battle To Get David Dressed

When my eighth child was born, every one was thirteen and under. The mornings could be chaotic and six year old David was the main contributor to the mayhem. He was full of energy and good humour but would express it by running up and down the kitchen in between eating, brushing his teeth, gathering  reading…… Continue reading The Battle To Get David Dressed

Make-Up And Little Girls

One visit  from Grandma Jean and Grandpa Ron  occurred when Melissa and Mara were about four and five years old.   My two little girls were fascinated as they watched  Grandma apply a touch of make-up each morning because they had never seen anything like it. I wasn’t  interested  in make-up in those days and frankly  there wasn’t time anyway;…… Continue reading Make-Up And Little Girls

Cutting Kids Hair By Trial and Error

Do you remember this humourous, family kitchen scene, perhaps from the forty’s or fifty’s, where a child sits on a stool with a huge sheet tied around their neck, a pained expression on their face and a bowl on their head as Mother stands poised behind them, scissors in hand? This family drama came to life in the early 1990’s. Our whole…… Continue reading Cutting Kids Hair By Trial and Error

There is a Crowd of Supporters Surrounding Us

Most people have never heard of Agnes Sanford (1897-1982) but she has been and, in fact still is, a dear friend of mine. She was an interesting woman who was born to missionaries in China, married an American Anglican ( Episcopalian) and became mother to three children. Agnes suffered post-partum depression and  and was diagnosed as suicidal when one of…… Continue reading There is a Crowd of Supporters Surrounding Us