When Little Kids Swear

I faltered slightly as I managed to stutter to my husband,“Do you want to know what Claire just said to me?…”.


A Near-Death-Experience

I discovered that giving birth and dying are not that different and life and death are not as far apart as I had once presumed.   Exactly three years ago, I finally became cognizant of how thin the line between life and death really is when I nearly lost one of my daughters as she…… Continue reading A Near-Death-Experience

A Salute to 21st Century Fathers

I love how each generation of fathers are becoming more involved with childcare. My husband was much more involved with our children than his father ever was and my sons are even more comfortable changing diapers and bathing infants. all paintings found at Dad and daughter relationships, as explained by 10 paintings. One of my…… Continue reading A Salute to 21st Century Fathers


I could have written this article myself if I was more on the ball. After all, this subject is especially close to my heart. I am mum of nine, adult children who raised her kids with her husband on a small hobby farm.  We raised our own beef, chicken, pork and eggs year-round and vegetables…… Continue reading THE EVERYDAY ENVIRONMENTALIST

Family Fun: Dinner and a Movie at Home? Yup!

It is a simple fact; there is no better way to form deep relationships and a sense of family unity than conversation over a home-cooked meal, then sharing a good movie afterward. It was our large family’s version of going out for dinner and a movie in town. Life around our dinner table was relaxed…… Continue reading Family Fun: Dinner and a Movie at Home? Yup!

Unpaired Socks, Teachable Moments and Pure Flix

I was recently inspired by Christian movie company Pure Flix, to discuss an experience that I would like to share with a loved one, so they might better know how to handle it if they were ever faced with something similar. These experiences are often referred to as “teachable moments” or valuable lessons.  So here…… Continue reading Unpaired Socks, Teachable Moments and Pure Flix