Crocheted Playbook: Under The Sea

This playbook is not for a preschooler but a young child who is learning how to play games. One page is similar to a board game which I called Finding Nemo,   another Sea Turtle Tic Tac Toe, and a Clam Matching Game. There are other interactive¬†pages featuring a three-dimensional whale, starfish, and mermaid . Although I changed details, especially the look of the mermaid, … Continue reading Crocheted Playbook: Under The Sea

Crochet DollHouse Furniture

After I saw patterns which used pieces of cardboard or plastic ¬†sheets with grids to make doll appliances, I thought of covering lego blocks with crochet to create an entire set of dollhouse furniture. It was simple to do and frankly, a lot of fun. The results were better than I even imagined. The base of this bed is lego, then I simply covered it … Continue reading Crochet DollHouse Furniture

A Crocheted Playbook: My Little House

This crocheted playbook was fun to create; I think it will provide hours of playtime. It is for a granddaughter’s Christmas gift if I can wait that long to give it to her. I wanted to make sure it was still fun to play with even if the extras which can be snapped on, were lost. I crocheted a huge pocket on the back of … Continue reading A Crocheted Playbook: My Little House