When a Fish Wants to Fly

discovering your talents Crushed by failure, an ego shattering, hope defying defeat? Judged on the surface, each endevour appears to be executed by an incompetent ne’er-do-well, trying yet again and floundering. The result is a fiasco, debacle, catastrophe, disaster, blunder, a plain old botch up. Call it a washout, dead duck or a lead balloon. By…… Continue reading When a Fish Wants to Fly

Laughing Belly Laughs

Daily Prompt Photographers, artists, poets: show us JOYFUL. The greatest gift I have ever received is a gift of joy, a gift of laughter. I can laugh in the face of the absurd. I can laugh in the face of tragedy. I can laugh at myself. I can laugh at the antics, messes and work…… Continue reading Laughing Belly Laughs