“Don’t Let the Dog In and Don’t Let Daniel Out!!”

Life was especially chaotic after the birth of our eighth and ninth children because everyone was still fourteen and under. It was difficult to keep a sharp eye out for my new bundle of energy.  Daniel was a real handful as a baby and a little kid. With his little eyebrows lifted up in surprise, his… Continue reading “Don’t Let the Dog In and Don’t Let Daniel Out!!”

Babies are Tyrants

Gabrielle Zevin has written a hilarious description of babies in her delightful novel, The Storied Life of A.J. Fikery. A.J. , an unrepentant curmudgeon, is literally saved after he adopts a toddler left abandoned in his bookstore. His first description of babies is unusual but comically apt. Baby Maya is a "terrorist" who makes insane demands and she… Continue reading Babies are Tyrants

Inspire Me Monday: Open, Vulnerable Hearts

  I like the idea of Inspiration Monday. Monday’s often get the short end of the stick But they are fraught with potential! Judy Palmer  Share “What’s Inspiring You” by creating your own Inspire Me Monday post! My children and now my baby grandchildren inspire me with their open gaze. My nine-day old grand-daughter focuses, looks…… Continue reading Inspire Me Monday: Open, Vulnerable Hearts

The Dreaded C Word: Colic

Colic is a word that strikes fear in the heart of the strongest, toughest man, reducing him to a helpless nervous wreck. Even a casual visitor will never forget a tiny baby’s heart-wrenching wails of pain. Colic kicks in when your placid, sleeping newborn morphs into a tyrannical monster at about two to three weeks…… Continue reading The Dreaded C Word: Colic

Family = Community

: Quad City PhotosLet little kids hold the new babyCommunity starts when even the youngest child chips in to help.When most women begin to mother, they tackle this new challenge like a new career; they see themselves as the CEO of a new company that demands all of their attention, time and energy. I too…… Continue reading Family = Community

Health Post #6 : You Can’t Get Everything Out Of Books???

 I began my new career as a mother without knowing what, when, why or how to care for an infant. When I first met my future husband, I weighed 98 lbs. I had just graduated with an Honours Degree in English Literature from the University of Regina and considered continuing my studies as a graduate…… Continue reading Health Post #6 : You Can’t Get Everything Out Of Books???