Bibliophiles Unite

 THERE IS NOTHING LIKE HOLDING A REAL, PHYSICAL BOOK. I love the smell and feel of real books. I must admit, although I thought I would never use the e reader my kids bought me, when I realized that I could cart hundreds of books around with me that weighed only ounces, I  was hooked.…… Continue reading Bibliophiles Unite

Help! Mum Was An English Major!

I am a happy amalgam of quirky mother, book lover, gardener, and now writer. I was born an old soul, according to my mother, and spent most of my childhood buried in books. When there was nothing to read, I was known to desperately scan the backs of cereal boxes—or even the Yellow Pages. In… Continue reading Help! Mum Was An English Major!


Sat, 02/23/2013 – 20:26 — Paul Cody Imagine Sharing and Cherishing the LOVE of 9 children raised on a Hobby Farm in southern Ontario, Canada ! When people look at Melanie Jean Juneau their eyebrows shoot up, their mouths drop open and they sputter, ”YOU had 9 children?? This is because she is 5’ 1” and weigh…… Continue reading Interviewed by IBILLIONLOVESTORIES.COM