Linking with Friday Finds at http://www.kimklassencafe.com/ for the first time. I am a bit late this week but I will be in the swing of it this friday. Kim's blog is beautiful in a soft, understated way..go visit for inspiration.Canadian Snow Humour 

Threat of Massive Power Outages

Winter Storm Alert. With the threat of massive power outages all across Southern Ontario, I am posting a couple of hours before midnight and not tomorrow morning for Dec. 22. The freezing rain has already cut power to homes west of here but the concern is that the ice will bring down not just power lines but…… Continue reading Threat of Massive Power Outages

Due North

I suddenly realized how wild and barren Canada really is. Admittedly, I don’t live in a city or even a town but in an area surrounded by forests and thousands of inland islands on 7 acres. Yet most Canadians, even those who live in big cities, live less than an hour or two drive from open…… Continue reading Due North

Friendship Friday: An Unorthodox Advent Wreath

Friendship Friday – A Season To Celebrate My Advent wreath is  unusual this year because it is a not actually a wreath at all but simply a pile of  cedar branches, encircling  four Advent candles with a simple carving of Mary praying, carved by a dear friend. A bit unusual but fitting because Advent is a time of…… Continue reading Friendship Friday: An Unorthodox Advent Wreath

Inspire me Monday: It is Thanksgiving in Canada

Share “What’s Inspiring You” by creating your own Inspire Me Monday post! It is Thanksgiving today in Canada One of my daughters read this at our Thanksgiving dinner table: “If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep you are richer than 75%…… Continue reading Inspire me Monday: It is Thanksgiving in Canada

Due North

I live in an area surrounded by forests and thousands of inland islands on 7 acres but most Canadians, even those who live in big cities, live less than an hour or two drive from open country. I was listening to an interview on the car radio as we drove through farmland and uncultivated stretches into town the…… Continue reading Due North

Duck, Deek and Dive.

Everyday I deal with dim-witted but strangely adorable hens. Some days are like an idyllic scene described by Wordsworth but other days are simply frustrating as the reality of country living slaps me in the face.The day we force them outside for the first time is one of those awful days. In the early summer our chicks lose…… Continue reading Duck, Deek and Dive.

Why it Is Better to Be a Canadian

July 1st, as Canada Day celebrates its 146th birthday, I celebrate Canada’s triumphs. Next to the United States we might seem insignificant but remember: looks are deceiving. Maclean’s Magazine just published a Canada vs. America issue proclaiming “99 Reasons Why it’s Better to Be Canadian:We’re happier, fitter and richer and our kids are smarter too.” You can…… Continue reading Why it Is Better to Be a Canadian

Man Craves the Outdoors

Have you noticed how people crave the outdoors? It doesn’t matter what the excuse, it can be anything from a simply walk, vigorous sports or lazy sun bathing, but people need to get out of buildings and connect with nature. It has been an especially long, cold winter and spring in Canada this year. After…… Continue reading Man Craves the Outdoors

Places: Ahhhh….The Great Canadian Shield

Daily Prompt: Mountains, beach, forest, or somewhere else entirely Where I live in Southern Ontario, Canada,   lakes surround us. In fact historically, pioneers labelled our area the Land of One Thousand Islands. Our southern border is the St. Lawrence River, a large  seaway that flows from the from the Atlantic Ocean to the five  Great Lakes that form…… Continue reading Places: Ahhhh….The Great Canadian Shield

D.P:Right to Health/ Well Daaah!

Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice? America sooo…let me get this straight. The most powerful country in the world, which boasts about the glorious life of the free and the brave is arguing whether it will…… Continue reading D.P:Right to Health/ Well Daaah!

DP: Through a Canadian Window

Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw. I am warm as I stand near the wood stove and gaze at the snow outside.  Imprinted on the Canadian psyche,  this classic image triggers one of our most beloved conversations…the weather. There is nothing a Canadian loves better than…… Continue reading DP: Through a Canadian Window