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Rememberering A Different Kind of Love

It was a conference for Sunday School teachers. The crowd consisted of down-to-earth housewives, mothers, even some older, benevolent grandmotherly types. Lots of nice, well-meaning women attending, simply trying to fill a need at their church. Most were mothers who wanted to be involved in teaching the faith to their kids. My friend and I…… Continue reading Rememberering A Different Kind of Love


Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you HI. My name is melanie jean juneau and I am a new writer with a problem. This could have been  a short post BUT I think that I should seize the opportunity to ask for help choosing a new title for my rough,…… Continue reading themotherofnine9

I Have Been Published

   I Have Been Published!                                               If  I can’t brag to other bloggers about these little surprises, who can I brag to? Pro-life Blogs published two articles   Why Did You Have So Many Kids?  …… Continue reading I Have Been Published