No More Mental Kung-Fu

Posted on my fridge right at my eye level (I’m 5’1″) are quotes that are key to my sanity. When I feel at my wit’s end, this quote makes me laugh and cuts through stress. One in four people are mentally unbalanced. Think of three friends. If they seem fine, You’re the one. I never fail…… Continue reading No More Mental Kung-Fu

Learning to Take off My Dung Coloured Glasses

Happiness: the fleeting dream that eludes most of us.  I am often miserable, pressed for time, running around  in my insular little world, only catching glimpses of the world around me as I peer  through dung coloured glasses. Yet the solution to my dilemma is remarkably easy. Stop. Take off my dung coloured lenses. Look…… Continue reading Learning to Take off My Dung Coloured Glasses

Rose or Dung Coloured Glasses?

Do I wear clear, rose or dung coloured eye glasses when I look around at the world, other people and myself? I can be full of self-pity over my circumstances or I can take a step back and take stock of all that is right in my world, all that I can be grateful for.… Continue reading Rose or Dung Coloured Glasses?

Friendship Friday – A Month Of Gratitude

Welcome to Friendship Friday!  Let children teach you about gratitude. The fleeting dream that eludes many of us is happiness. We are running around, miserable in our insular little worlds, only catching glimpses of the world around us through dung coloured glasses. The solution to our dilemma is easy. Stop. Take off our dung-coloured lenses.…… Continue reading Friendship Friday – A Month Of Gratitude

Of Thorns and Roses

Our happiness depends on our perception of the world. How you answer the old question, “Is the glass half full or half empty”  really does matter It is amazing how I can turn my misery switch on and off and my joy button on and off. It really does matter how I view the world.…… Continue reading Of Thorns and Roses