Crocheted Playbook: Under The Sea

This playbook is not for a preschooler but a young child who is learning how to play games. One page is similar to a board game which I called Finding Nemo,   another Sea Turtle Tic Tac Toe, and a Clam Matching Game. There are other interactive pages featuring a three-dimensional whale, starfish, and mermaid .…… Continue reading Crocheted Playbook: Under The Sea

A Crocheted Playbook: My Little House

This crocheted playbook was fun to create; I think it will provide hours of playtime. It is for a granddaughter’s Christmas gift if I can wait that long to give it to her. I wanted to make sure it was still fun to play with even if the extras which can be snapped on, were…… Continue reading A Crocheted Playbook: My Little House

Making Something Out of Nothing

When parents are creative, using what is on hand to make do instead of constantly running to the store for ingredients or supplies, we teach our kids to be resourceful.  It is a talent which they can apply to their studies, the workplace, for entertainment as well as in their day-to-day lives at home. All…… Continue reading Making Something Out of Nothing

Crocheting With Joy

New adventures for me in crocheting. Although I am excited to try new patterns, to adjust and modify and create my own designs, at the same time, I am aware tha millions of women have gone before me, creating, crocheting and knitting. There is a sense that I am plugging into a long line, a… Continue reading Crocheting With Joy

I am Grateful that I Have Discovered…

I am grateful that I discovered... crocheting about 10 years ago because I hate wasting time waiting in doctor's offices, watching hockey games and driving for hours in the car with nothing to do. crocheting because it is a cheap way to give priceless gifts to my kids. how to crochet warm afghans, heavy bedspreads and… Continue reading I am Grateful that I Have Discovered…

Wordless? Wednesday: On Becoming a 21st Century Woman

My daughter showed up at our country home sporting an ear warmer which I soon learned is all the rage at university. Soon we were looking at patterns online, I crocheted one in 40 minutes, using chunky wool and a huge crochet hook, then simply wrapping wool around to pinch it in on one side.… Continue reading Wordless? Wednesday: On Becoming a 21st Century Woman

Inspire Me Monday- Crochet

 Share your creative projects with us! Fun while sitting in the passenger’s side of the car. I crochet, crochet, crochet soft, blue-baby blanket, sturdy,cotton dish towel, fluffy,cream and chocolate-brown afghan, heavy, warm, winter wedding shawls all using the same stitches in various combinations with different wool

On Creativity and Inspire Me Monday

I  have decided to become part of  Create With Joy and I beginning with their Monday posts Inspire Me Monday – Week 83 Welcome to Inspire Me Monday A place to share your creative inspirations Sharpen your creative vision and Showcase your creative talents! I invite you to inspire others and Nurture your creative spirit by Joining…… Continue reading On Creativity and Inspire Me Monday