New Life for Unpaired Socks

I always have said that the only thing that will kill a mother of a large family is attempting to pair all the socks. Thank heavens I had a wicked sense of humour and an army of free labour. Sometimes we would line up literally hundreds of socks of every possible size and colour as we…… Continue reading New Life for Unpaired Socks

Having Fun is Creativity?

“creativity is intelligence having fun”  albert einstein I love to create something out of nothing. Perhaps it is a God complex or better yet, a sense of cooperating with the Holy Spirit. I discovered how to upcycle old sheets into crocheted rag rugs. It went so quickly and was so much fun that I actually smiled…… Continue reading Having Fun is Creativity?

Crocheting Philosophically

“The best reason for a knitter ( crocheter) to marry is that you can't teach the cat to be impressed when you finish a lace scarf.”  “ It is a peculiarity of knitters ( crocheters) that they chronically underestimate the amount of time it takes to knit something. Birthday on Saturday? No problem. Socks are… Continue reading Crocheting Philosophically

Crocheting With Humour

    .    For centuries, with little more than a steel hook and some yarn or even string, women have created beautiful blankets, clothes, intricate lace or just a functional dishcloth. I feel connected, historically, to the generational tree of women who have worked with their hands.              … Continue reading Crocheting With Humour

Crocheting Market Bags is Easy

Still crocheting as my husband drives, I wait for appointments and in-between helping with new grandbabies.   I discovered Ravelry,, a crocheting and knitting, online community for  thousands of free crocheted and knitting patterns. Market bags are easy and creating your own pattern is fun.  I use cotton yarn because it does not stretch… Continue reading Crocheting Market Bags is Easy

The Travelling, Crocheting Grandma

. .Friendship Friday 114 – Anything Goes  For the last couple of weeks, it really has been a life of “anything goes”. I have stayed with a daughter who is on bed rest to prevent a premature birth, with a daughter-in-law and my newborn grandson and helped out another daughter by babysitting while she and her… Continue reading The Travelling, Crocheting Grandma

Plugging Into An Ancient Craft

Although I have crocheted for the last decade, creating at least  a dozen queen sized bedspreads or afghans, wedding shawls, headbands, towels and hats, I have just started crocheting baby clothes. The images on pinterest of women crocheting or sewing are fascinating. It feels like I am plugging into an ancient craft, finding myself connected…… Continue reading Plugging Into An Ancient Craft