Celebrate International Literacy Day

  This article was written by  BRITTNEY ROSS Grammarly has donated to Reading Is Fundamental as a thank you for reposting Our world today is perhaps more text-driven than at any other time in history. In the Digital Age, the ability to read and write can transform lives, families, and even whole communities. Since UNESCO celebrated the very first International…… Continue reading Celebrate International Literacy Day

Effective Teachers

One of my daughters, who is finishing up an Honours Degree and applying to Teacher’s College, asked me what I thought were the five attributes of an effective teacher. When I first thought about effective teachers or mothers for that matter, images of the some of worst teachers I have had sprang to mind. My grade…… Continue reading Effective Teachers

“I’m Bored!”

When your kids announce that they are bored, how do you respond? Do you rush to fix this horrible state of affairs? Well boredom is not a disease that needs cured. All children need free time, even boring time, to discover who they are, what they are good at and what they enjoy. Provide them…… Continue reading “I’m Bored!”

Mister G. kids: A Cartoonist Who Loves Kids

    Meet  Matt Gajdoš. I love this teachers’ art, especially the expressions Matt captures. As a mother of nine kids, his cartoons ring true; they truly are written by the kids he teaches. I mean no adult could possible come up with half of his material. Only a listening, caring man with a hilarious sense…… Continue reading Mister G. kids: A Cartoonist Who Loves Kids

Introducing a Talented Artist: Yun Yi

“It is my belief that art (not include practical art, such as design)          should not be a profession, but a hobby — a pure personal enjoyment.” Yun Yi Yun Yi’s studio, Mei Studio, is a private art studio that offers comprehensive art training and education for both young and adult students. The…… Continue reading Introducing a Talented Artist: Yun Yi