Pigs, Pigs, Those Intelligent Pigs on ReadWave

   Pigs, Pigs, Those Intelligent Pigs is one of ten  chosen stories up for consideration for the editor’s choice award .You can vote for this story by putting it up on your Facebook page This week we’d like to organize things a little differently. If you would like to recommend a story then please share it with your…… Continue reading Pigs, Pigs, Those Intelligent Pigs on ReadWave

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If I Can Create Quotes and Badges, ANYONE Can!

IMPORTANT TIP: Some seemingly simple activities on the computer  have confused me for weeks. It would have been so easy for someone to explain how to do things in plain English. For example, to get the URL of an image, right-click on OPEN IN A NEW TAB and da,da…there is the URL. On the other hand right-click on “URL of…… Continue reading If I Can Create Quotes and Badges, ANYONE Can!

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Blogging About Health Issues: ME??

my children are still alive and in good health! I am a relatively green, 57-year-old blogger who has barely one toe in the  21st century and is basically a computer illiterate. Unwittingly, I have  just agreed to blog for 30 days in a row on health issues. As I sit down to type my first post, reality suddenly…… Continue reading Blogging About Health Issues: ME??