The Terrible Two’s, Teenage Style

                                                                                                             …… Continue reading The Terrible Two’s, Teenage Style

The 3 Most Important Facts

If my children could  remember only three things to take with them into their adult life , what would I want them to be?  Tony Berkman at BlogCatalog asked me this question. 1.Trust that I love you and believe in you. Let that love be your foundation and your springboard into life. 2. God loves…… Continue reading The 3 Most Important Facts

Baby Whisperers

It is not hard to become a baby whisperer. Read all the books and then close them with a resounding slam. Now you  are ready to learn how to be the expert on your unique infant. Most importantly you must understand that you have motherly/ fatherly instincts in the very fiber of your heart and soul if you…… Continue reading Baby Whisperers

Teenagers: Oh Lord, How Much Longer, Oh Lord?”

One of my sons , in his early teens, had just announced that he could not stand living under our roof another minute,  “I’m out of here!”, he bellowed, “and don’t expect me to come back!” The door slammed and he tore off on his ten speed bike.  Of course my father was visiting and saw the drama unfold.…… Continue reading Teenagers: Oh Lord, How Much Longer, Oh Lord?”