There’s a Hole in My Bucket , Dear Liza

Understanding mental Illness with the stress bucket image.  The stress vulnerability bucket is a way to explain why some people experience anxiety, depression, paranoia or a psychotic episode. I heard this illustration explained at a conference more than 10 years ago and I find that it is still the easiest way to explain how mental…… Continue reading There’s a Hole in My Bucket , Dear Liza

So how Is YOUR Mental Health? Eh?

art by Darin Hammond Let’s shake ourselves out of the dark ages and realize that one in four of our neigbours, friends and relatives are suffering as you read this. In fact if three of your closest friends and relatives seem fine,  you’re probably the one who needs help! Most people go to their G.P. for…… Continue reading So how Is YOUR Mental Health? Eh?

Letting Our Shadows Out of the Closet

Mental Health. Well I want to yell from the roof tops that just like a person with poor eyesight needs glasses and a diabetic needs insulin, some very ordinary people have a chemical imbalance and need prescription drugs. How IS Your Mental Health? Eh? Reading this some people might laugh off the implication that there is anything…… Continue reading Letting Our Shadows Out of the Closet


Humor is infectious, especially  roaring laughter. Not only that,  when laughter is shared, it  brings people together by breaking down social barriers, self-consciousness and  facilitates intimacy. It  triggers healthy physical changes in the body by strengthening  our immune system, boosting energy, diminishing pain and stress. “Your sense of humor is one of the most powerful tools you have to…… Continue reading Laughter

The Teetter-Totter Syndrome

Ah marriage. Sometimes it feels like a meat grinder and other days like a taste of heavenly bliss. Sometimes the wife is in turmoil, other periods the husband is depressed. When one partner is down, the other pops up, balancing their relationship. This this a true life example. At first glance, the relationship between Louie…… Continue reading The Teetter-Totter Syndrome

DAY 15: Just Ask Elaine Plummer RN

  I am Nominating  Elaine Plummer  for a Health Activist Award for Nursing for  Elaine is not just a job where she puts in her time and then takes off her nursing hat off when she goes home. No, nursing is a vocation, a calling to be always available to help and serve 24/7.…… Continue reading DAY 15: Just Ask Elaine Plummer RN

Blogging About Health Issues: ME??

my children are still alive and in good health! I am a relatively green, 57-year-old blogger who has barely one toe in the  21st century and is basically a computer illiterate. Unwittingly, I have  just agreed to blog for 30 days in a row on health issues. As I sit down to type my first post, reality suddenly…… Continue reading Blogging About Health Issues: ME??