Are They All Yours ?

I laughed when a friend sent me an amusing video, a song composed by a family of 12, sung to the tune of the Christmas carol, “The 12 Days of Christmas”.. . The video is hilarious because it is composed of phrases directed to large families, phrases I have heard for decades.  . You must…… Continue reading Are They All Yours ?

Oopsy Daisy

Life at the Juneau’s farmhouse was often overwhelming with eleven personalities living, working and playing together. Luckily, Melanie had a wicked sense of humour and just enough grace to remain serene in the eye of the hurricane, the CEO of a chaotic domain. She has written hundreds of short stories, insights and articles which only…… Continue reading Oopsy Daisy

Help: I’ve got 5 Older Sisters

When you live with five older sisters you might as well have six mothers. The school bus was not scheduled to pull up for another twenty minutes. Six-year old Rebecca, my youngest child, needed both hands to yank the old, heavy kitchen door open, desperately attempting a quick escape for some free time before school.  As the door… Continue reading Help: I’ve got 5 Older Sisters

Wordless Wednesday: Vintage Kids Radiate Personality

f photos – with or without words – Vintage Kids With Personality. Sometimes small children's delightful personality shines through even when they wear stiff clothes and must stand absolutely still while the picture is taken.

Humourous Vintage Paintings of Mothers and Children

When I think of a typical painting  of mothers with their children which is a hundred years old or more, I think of idealized images where everyone has a sombre expression on their faces.  Well these painters had a sense of as humour  as they capture the moments when a mother is overwhelmed by her…… Continue reading Humourous Vintage Paintings of Mothers and Children

Daisy,Our High Maintenance Goat

Daisy entertained us with her antics even more than our traditional pets.For over two decades, we lived on a hobby farm surrounded by nine kids, wild animals, farm livestock as well as traditional pets. Kids need to relate to animals to grow up into well-balance, caring adults who can relate and feel connected to the…… Continue reading Daisy,Our High Maintenance Goat

The Mummy Drivel Trap

I have become aware of a writing flaw, an annoying self-righteous, ego centric point of view, often found on mother’s blogs called Mummy Drivel. Mummy Drivel: definition Constant analysis of how to become a better mother combined with a narrow focus on self and one’s adorable children to the exclusion of any other topic. Similar…… Continue reading The Mummy Drivel Trap

A Good Irish Wake for A Good Irish Man

Everyone else had left the funeral home as Cecil’s family and mine shared another amusing memory and laughed together.  I had broken the ice with the first story but soon everyone spoke up and added their favourite memory of Cecil and the Juneau’s. The atmosphere was reminiscent of a traditional Irish wake. I looked around…… Continue reading A Good Irish Wake for A Good Irish Man

Duck, Deek and Dive.

Everyday I deal with dim-witted but strangely adorable hens. Some days are like an idyllic scene described by Wordsworth but other days are simply frustrating as the reality of country living slaps me in the face.The day we force them outside for the first time is one of those awful days. In the early summer our chicks lose…… Continue reading Duck, Deek and Dive.

First Choice Home Haircuts: I Don’t Think So!

Imagine this scene: a little girl sits on a stool with a huge sheet tied around her neck, a pained expression on her face and a bowl on her head waiting for a haircut. Do you remember this humourous, family kitchen scene, perhaps from the forty’s or fifty’s? A child sits on a stool with…… Continue reading First Choice Home Haircuts: I Don’t Think So!

Are You Sure You’re MY Kid?

This picture of our cat nursing orphaned baby bunnies with her own kittens symbolizes how I often felt about my own children. The expression on the mother cat’s face is priceless because she seems completely baffled, “Who are you? Where on earth did you come from?” All my nine children had the same parents,  lived in the same…… Continue reading Are You Sure You’re MY Kid?

My Doctor Taught Me the Value of A Good Sense of Humour.

When I was pregnant with my sixth child, I went to my first appointment with our new family doctor and now my new obstetrician. He asked me why I was changing doctors and I sighed, “I just can’t face my old obstetrician with a sixth pregnancy.” “And who IS this doctor?” He questioned. “Actually it…… Continue reading My Doctor Taught Me the Value of A Good Sense of Humour.

“Pay Attention;You’ll Poke Out Your Eye!”

 We all keep outrageous mum sayings hidden in the back of our brains. Even though modern mums try not to resort to these gory warnings, they do slip out now and again: “Come down this instant; you are going to fall and break your neck!” “Careful with that knife; you don’t want to cut your finger off.” “Don’t come…… Continue reading “Pay Attention;You’ll Poke Out Your Eye!”

Do you Believe that Children NEED to Bond with Animals?

  Mary is squeezing Hammy again! The Canadian scientist, David Suzuki , believes that all children need to bond with animals. While watching my own kids interact with our pets and farm animals, I realized that children have a deep-seated need to relate to animals. Since I grew up in the city, with ballet lessons,…… Continue reading Do you Believe that Children NEED to Bond with Animals?

Where does she get this stuff?

year-old Lucy was perched like a little elf on a high stool “Lucy, whose your favorite, mum or dad?” One afternoon, I was making dinner, standing at the counter with my back to our three youngest children. Katie and Anthony were lounging around the kitchen table, with three-year-old Lucy perched like a little elf on…… Continue reading Where does she get this stuff?

The Common Sense Approach

  My Doctor celebrated each birth with joy. “Good. The head nurse is on coffee break .”  Our family doctor and my obstetrician, had warned us to come into town immediately with my first labour pains. My eighth child was going to come quickly . Dr. H met me outside the hospital, helped me out…… Continue reading The Common Sense Approach

Iggy , The Fearless Cat Chasing Rabbit.

Iggy , Rachel’s fearless Rabbit. Iggy was full of joy when we first brought her home and let her out of her cage. She ran laps around the entire house jumping and twisting in the air every few minutes. Apparently rabbits twist in the air when they are extremely happy. Unbelievable as it sounds, Iggy was…… Continue reading Iggy , The Fearless Cat Chasing Rabbit.