The Best Art Comes From a Playful Imagination

The best art cannot be forced or controlled because the imagination thrives and creates in a relaxed attitude of openness, a sense of play not duty. Albert Einstein, one of the most brilliant scientists of the last century, valued imagination over knowledge.For a brainy, intellectual, Einstein had a lot to say about imagination: ” Imagination is…… Continue reading The Best Art Comes From a Playful Imagination

Stories Live Forever

i travelled from afar to look once again at a magical place from my childhood, the birthplace, of stories and dreams, where imagination and creativity took flight, never weighed down by commonsense. BUT my tiny kingdom had been destroyed by progress. i stood  on hot concrete, staring incredulously at a large edifice of glass like steel and steel…… Continue reading Stories Live Forever

Family Creativity Birthed in Boredom

I learned that children need down time.  They need time just to be and relax, even time to be bored because that is when creativity and ingenuity are born.Surrounded by babies and toddlers, I was not free to entertain my children nor did we have enough money to keep them in an endless round of paid activities. At…… Continue reading Family Creativity Birthed in Boredom

Open the Wings of Your Imagination

As a busy mother of nine children, I have always been an oral storyteller but fear blocked  any forays into writing.  Whenever I started to record our hilarious life on paper, I wrote stilted mummy drivel. It  has been  barely a year since I have discovered a creative fountain of written words buried deep within…… Continue reading Open the Wings of Your Imagination