My Kids Taught Me The Key to Joy

The things that raise my spirits are small and often considered insignificant.  It was my children who taught me how to live in the present moment with joy. I couldn’t help but learn how to live as a child of God because I was surrounded by a crew of little people who greeted each morning…… Continue reading My Kids Taught Me The Key to Joy

Laughing, Loving, and Crying Through 36 Years of Marriage

My husband and I answered 5 questions about marriage for Karee Santos on her blog, Can We Cana? A Community to Support Catholic Marriages. This post was part of a series. Today we welcome Michael and Melanie Jean Juneau to the series How to Stay Married 10 Years & Then Some. Michael and Melanie live on a… Continue reading Laughing, Loving, and Crying Through 36 Years of Marriage

Hope For the Grinch at Heart

We all have parts of our hearts which are exactly like the Grinch in the famous children’s book How The Grinch Stole Christmas.  Yet there is hope for us if we allow Dr. Seuss to teach us. Dr. Seuss has a wonderful gift of delivering profound words of wisdom in humourous children’s stories and How The…… Continue reading Hope For the Grinch at Heart


When ever I think of simplicity, I think of a delightful song which was written by the Shakers. Simple Gifts is a Dancing Song or a Quick Dance. In fact the word turning in the last two lines is a dance instruction embedded right in the lyrics.It is hard to believe that this ever popular song was first written in the 1700s ‘Tis…… Continue reading Simplicity

Gratitude in Images

The weather has a mood disorder this year; it is severely manic-depressive, teasing us with rain on Saturday and bone chilling temperatures the next day. Even though it looked like a blizzard outside on Sunday, even though it was -28 C degrees outside last night and the pipes to our shower, toilet and washer froze…… Continue reading Gratitude in Images

Tears of Joy

We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy? Tears of joy. The last time I shed tears of joy I was completely surprised. They sprang to my eyes without warning, at a daughter’s wedding. She was gorgeous, standing tall…… Continue reading Tears of Joy

Sunrise, Sunset /Swiftly Flow the Years

Time-                    Sunrise, sunset                              Swiftly flow the Years Pictures by a daughter I am human, living each day, sunrise to sunset in a linear progression,looking back tomember the past,living in the moment, thinking…… Continue reading Sunrise, Sunset /Swiftly Flow the Years

Historical Photos: The Indomitable Spirit of Little People

Come celebrate the indomitable spirit of little people. Facing poverty, war, personal tragedy, they rise above adversity, embracing the smallest delights in life. Austrian boy receives new shoes during WWII  How could parents make sure that their children were getting sunlight and fresh air when living in apartment buildings?  The baby cage, ca. 1937 Little girl comforting her…… Continue reading Historical Photos: The Indomitable Spirit of Little People

Mother’s? Hilarious Opinions from Little people

A little taste of  eight-year old reasoning.  A reality check to balance all those manipulative commercials and sentimental Mother’s Day cards that are flooding the market place. Warning. The following true comments  are not politically correct. So simply laugh and enjoy, no need to flog me with feminist remarks. Answers given by grade two school…… Continue reading Mother’s? Hilarious Opinions from Little people


Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you HI. My name is melanie jean juneau and I am a new writer with a problem. This could have been  a short post BUT I think that I should seize the opportunity to ask for help choosing a new title for my rough,…… Continue reading themotherofnine9

Daily Prompt: Burnt/My Heart is Not in Things

Remember yesterday, when your home was on fire and you got to save five items? That means you left a lot of stuff behind. What are the things you wish you could have taken, but had to leave behind? I did not write yesterdays post because the only objects that I would run into a burning…… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Burnt/My Heart is Not in Things

The Common Sense Approach

  My Doctor celebrated each birth with joy. “Good. The head nurse is on coffee break .”  Our family doctor and my obstetrician, had warned us to come into town immediately with my first labour pains. My eighth child was going to come quickly . Dr. H met me outside the hospital, helped me out…… Continue reading The Common Sense Approach

An Introduction to our Family

Melanie Juneau’s juggling act Mother of nine reveals secret to her success By Joanne Laucius, The Ottawa Citizen May 8, 2010 3:06 AM Pairing socks for her nine children is no easy task, says Melanie Juneau.Photograph by: Bruno Schlumberger, The Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Citizen You would think having nine children would turn you into a…… Continue reading An Introduction to our Family